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3MW.com on Sedo Auction (Reserve Met)

The other day, we sent 3MW.com, one of our great three-character .COM domains (CCC.com) to auction on Sedo.com. The auction ends in a couple of days, so you still have time to bid if you want.

The reserve price has been met, which means that we will definitely sell the domain name to the highest bidder (no flake!)

Here are some details about the 3MW.com auction on Sedo.com that you might want to know:

  • Reserve met
  • Auction ends May 14th 2010 (05:09 PM EST)
  • Valued by estibot.com at $1,300
  • Domain age is 5.67 years
  • Registered with Go Daddy

Click here to visit the Sedo auction page.

Happy bidding!

YourLyrics.com on Sedo Auction (Reserve Met)

We’ve put up YourLyrics.com on auction at Sedo. This is one of the domains that have been getting offers consistently over the last couple of years.

YourLyrics.com is great domain name for a music site. Lots of potential! You could set up a profitable lyrics Web site (like the popular www.azlyrics.com), a music portal, a community for songwriters, etc. Other major extensions (net, org, info) are already taken.

To place your bid, click the following link:


Great Gadget and Gizmo Domain on Sedo Auction

We just sent a great domain name for  gadgets and gizmos to auction on Sedo.com. The domain name is GIZMOCENTER.COM.

We registered this a couple of years ago with idea of setting up a blog and reviewing the latest gadgets and gizmos. Sounds very original eh? Like gizmodo.com? Anyway, I kept coming up with great Web site ideas that my domain names started piling up. In the end, I got overrun by my domain names and Web site ideas that I just didn’t anything at all anymore.

So, the other day, when we received an offer on this domain name, I decided to just send it to Sedo for auction. The last time we auctioned a domain on Sedo, it fetched a decent price. We’ll see how this one goes.

To visit our Sedo auction, click here.